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Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 01/01/2023

Thank you for using LlamaFolio, a portfolio tracker service provided by LlamaCorp. We are unwaveringly committed to safeguarding the privacy of our users. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to understand how we handle your data.

1. Wallet

We prioritize user privacy and do not collect any non-public user data. All user inputs are stored locally, ensuring that LlamaFolio has no access to them.

LlamaFolio operates on blockchain technology and exclusively uses this data that is publicly available on the blockchain to provide our basic service (aka LlamaFolio) - in order to show you things like wallet balance, transactions history, etc.

Plain language: We utilize your blockchain data (aka wallet address) to provide the LlamaFolio product - enabling you to have an holistic overview of your portfolio, cryptocurrency assets, and transactions. This wallet address is stored locally on your machine, it is never stored, utilized, or sold by LlamaFolio.

2. IP Address

LlamaFolio does not gather, store or retain your IP address or any associated information.

3. Website

LlamaFolio is steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding your information. We neither collect, share, nor disclose your data with third parties for marketing or advertising purposes under any circumstance. We're hosting the website on Netlify, here's their privacy policy.

Our API is hosted in AWS and all our servers are hosted in Europe for GDPR compliance reasons.

We also abstain from using tracking technologies like Google Analytics to monitor your online activities. Instead, we employ a GDPR-compliant, privacy-preserving analytics tool to glean insights into user traffic, all without resorting to cookies. This tool is Fathom and can be found here.

4. Customer Support

For customer support and debugging purposes, we may employ Sentry, a third-party tool. While using Sentry, we take precautions to prevent the storage of IP addresses, by disabling in Sentry settings the possibility for them to store IP addresses.

5. Data Security

We consider the security of your information a top priority and, therefore, implement industry-standard security measures to protect it. This includes encryption, access controls, and various other security technologies.

However, it is important to note that no internet data transmission can be guaranteed entirely secure.

6. Changes to This Privacy Policy

To keep you informed and in alignment with best practices, we may periodically update this Privacy Policy. Such updates may occur for operational, legal, or regulatory reasons. Nevertheless, our unwavering commitment to respecting your privacy, a core value for Llamas, will remain constant. We will notify our users of any material changes by posting the updated Privacy Policy on our website and encourage you to review it periodically.

7. Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests regarding this Privacy Policy or our data practices, please contact us on Discord. Thank you for trusting LlamaFolio with your portfolio tracking needs. We are dedicated to ensuring your privacy and providing you with a secure and valuable service.